National Emergency Remote Pilot Service

24 April 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Emergency Remote Pilot Service (NERPS) to supply an Electronically Conspicuous Dome Grid consisting of a grid of street-light-post-mounted EC-Nodes arranged over a square kilometer in a 6 by 6 grid.

The 6 x 6 EC-Mounted Grid is to be used for:

  • Training Remote Pilots in the science of Electronic Conspicuity
  • Research and Development in the convergence of:
    • Drone-mounted EC technology
    • Vehicular-mounted EC technology
    • Personnel-equipped EC technology
    • Fixed-location EC-Mounts (eg EC equipped Defibrilator Distribution Points)
    • Portable equipment EC-Mounts (eg the EC equipped Defribulator itself)

NERPS is also investigating our Search and Rescue (SAR) EC-P2P technology and we are excited that it will be trialing some of our SAR EC-P2P products in addition to the above R&D.

Smart Event Systems

30 March 2020

We are pleased to announce that Smart Event Sustems Limited in Wiltshire has licenced two customised Electronically Conspicuous Peer-to-Peer (EC-P2P) applications that can both be used under an Electronically Conspicuous Dome, and in Peer-to-Peer mode.

  • SmartSafe: a social distancing tool and 'safe space' indicator using cutting edge Geo-technology
  • SmartParking: A Traffic Management Tool that digitises and simplifies the process for Stewards and Traffic Wardens

See our Products page for more information, including links to download both product manuals!

Smart Event Systems has over 25 years experience producing software to manage agricultural shows and is excited about our Peer-to-Peer and Umbrella ('Under the Dome') EC technologies.

Incorporation and Merger

28 February 2020

Electronically Conspicuous Limited was formed and it's founding director's own proprietary patent pending "Who Me?" EC-P2P and EC-Grid technolgies were merged into the business.

Patent Application Submitted

29 January 2020

Anthony Harrison submits his Patent Application for his 'Electronically Conspicuous' invention, to the UK's IPO.

Significant Events Prior to Incorporation

Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

31 December 2019

On the very same day that the United States released its proposed rule for Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Anthony Harrison, the founding director of Electronically Conspicuous, demonstrated a complete working example, using EC-P2P technology, which on the very first day thereby achieved what ithe United States was wanting to achieve in 3 years.

Anthony was fortunate to have had a leaked copy of the document 7 days before its official release, and this great achievement was the result of round-the-clock work over that seven day period.

This achievmemt is very well documented and Anthony can be contacted for both proof, and practice.

EC-P2P Proof-of-Concepts transform towards Product Reality

19 November 2019

Anthony Harrison started a monumental round-the-clock programming marathon that included Christmas Day and didn't finish until February, which resulted in the first EC-P2P Universal app being created.

This was made possible by drawing together all of the proof-of-concepts that he had created over the preceeding months.

Launch of the National Emergency Remote Pilot Service (NERPS)

5 August 2019

NERPS was launched as a non-profit company that is tracking to become an accredited emergency service.

Its launch was a result of several months discussion and planning by Anthony Harrison, and both Andy Sproson and Scott Williams, of the Pigs Can Fly Remote Pilot Training School.

Introducing Pigs Can Fly

March 2019

Anthony Harrison attends a PfCO course conducted by the CAA accredited Pigs Can Fly Remote Pilot Training School, on which Anthony learns that it's instructors, Andy and Scotty, have extensive emergency services experience.

It was because the concept of supporting Search and Rescue was written into Anthony's operations manual that several months of discussions ensued about how to best tackle the convergence of drone technology with the emergency services.

And so history started to be created!

It all Started Here!


Anthony Harrison, who has a background in military avionics, and with a family legacy that goes back to his grandfather having been a reconnaissance pilot in the First World War, builds his first custom quadcopter.

With a background in embedded electronics, as well as computer software, he launches on a career-curve that geeks know too well.

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