Electronically Conspicuous is the brain-child of Count Anthony Harrison, who invented customisable Wi-fi Dome technology which can also operate in point-to-point mode without the dome. The technology is patent pending.

Founded in 2019, Electronically Conspicuous Limited has already licenced two subsets of it's technology to Smart Event Systems in Wiltshire, as well entering into a Memorandum of Heads of Agreement with the new National Emergency Remote Pilot Service (NERPS), which plans to use Electronically Conspicuous's technology to empower its fleet at parish level - and as there are over 10,500 parishes in England alone, this is quite an ambition!

This page will be progressively updated because at this stage we have only soft-launched, the bubbly and fireworks will come soon!


The following are Trademarks of Electronically Conspicuous Limited:

  • Electronically Conspicuous
  • EC-Node
  • EC-Grid
  • EC-Grid+
  • EC-P2P
  • EC-Mount
  • Hey You
  • Who™ Me
  • Custom Persona
  • Well-Known Persona
  • Persona Browser
  • Electronically Conspicuous Dome
  • Drone Dome
  • Public Transport Dome
  • Pedestrian Dome
  • The form Electronically Conspicuous X Dome where X describes an electronically conspicuous dome of a particular type that is a subset of an Electronically Conspicuous Dome

Last updated 27 April 2020

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